Education at your Home

Bangladesh is a densely populated country. Population is an asset of our country. But, all the people are not educated. If we can make all of them educated, it will turn into a potential human resource. Moreover, education is one of our fundamental rights. So, we should give a scope to all the people to educate themselves. is a platform where all the Bengali people will learn by this site. Our slogan is “education is at your home”. People will learn and enjoy by this site. This site is totally non-political and non- profitable.

About educatorbd

I am Gazi Salahuddin Siddiquee, Assistant Professor, Agrani School and College, Dhaka, Bangladesh. I download pictures and animated video clips from internet. Then I make digital educational content using Microsoft power point software. I use multimedia projector and laptop in my classroom. That is why my classroom is more attractive to the students. They enjoy my class very much. They participate in learning activities. This is 21st century, where we can find everything is transformed so our teaching style is also changed. As a 21st century teacher I try to make my classroom different from the traditional one. In my classroom there is a blackboard and a multimedia projector. I show lots of information, and pictures in my classes by projector for the students better understanding. Which also make my classroom more interesting to the students and also increase their interest in study. I have established a educational web site ( for the teachers and students of Bangladesh. From this web site teachers can download educational contents and use in the classroom. I have written a Biology text book for class 12, which is approved by the national text book board of Bangladesh. I won the best teacher award of Bangladesh in 2011.
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